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Our guest, Marcelo Silva : Perfect evening "; "I went with my wife for February 14, for an evening that consisted of a dinner at the Restaurant" La Fattoria "with a stay in a Regal Deluxe room, the exquisite dinner, a first class service and an atmosphere for the occasion very well The room was very spacious, clean, with large windows that allows more than enough lighting, the large bed, very comfortable and with good pillows (as those pillows disarm) and the bathroom was an extension for relaxation With a wide and very long tub (as you are surprised, today in apartments with good luck you feel), it was so wide with good arms that invited a nap in hot water.The hotel has a swimming pool, a question that is appreciated in the middle of the city, a sauna and with the option of massages (cost separately), it also has free parking, which is appreciated, the experience was spectacular, as well as the name of the promotion indicates "5 stars night".

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