Meeting and events

Plan your Santiago events at the Regal Pacific Hotel

Banquet Rooms

  • Salon Caribbean

We have plenty of rooms for any occasion and we can make any Santiago event the toast of the town. We strongly believe that social gatherings are supposed to be remembered, from the moment your guests walk through the front door to the demitasse spoons they use for their espresso. Nothing is left to chance at the Regal Pacific.


Corporate Conferences

Our conference rooms are expertly decorated and equipped with 21-century technology and unparalleled service. They comfortably accommodate up to 150 attendees and are the perfect venue for all kinds of corporate and professional events.

  • Salon Peninsula

Executive Boardrooms

  • Salon Regal boardroom

Empower your business colleagues with an elegant boardroom. Specially designed to accommodate up 20 professionals, your clients will be impressed by the latest technology available at their fingertips and amazed by the classic design the room inspires.


Ballroom Weddings

Weddings are supposed to be perfect and that’s how we make them. We have the perfect ballroom for your wedding day or any other special social gathering. It comfortably accommodates 120 guests who will experience 5-star service and a professionally decorated ballroom showered with golden natural light.


Gourmet Catering

  • Estofado de Camaron-809

Elevate your next event and dazzle your guests with gourmet cuisine by the master chefs of the Regal Pacific. Our team of catering professionals understands that the right food plays an important role in any event, and that it should complement your event rather than upstage it.