Meeting and events

Plan your Santiago events at the Regal Pacific Hotel

We have many meeting rooms to suit all occasions and we organize events that cause a sensation throughout the city.

We firmly believe that social meetings should be unforgettable, from the moment the guests enter the door to the coffee spoons used to stir their espressos. In the Pacific Regal we never left anything to chance.


Our meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technology and are attended by unsurpassed service personnel. They can comfortably accommodate 150 people and are perfect for all kinds of business and professional events, all with the quality of a 5 star hotel.

Marriages have to be perfect and so we like to organize. We have the perfect room for your wedding or any other special social dancing meeting. It can comfortably accommodate 120 guests, who will enjoy our dedicated 5 star service in an environment decorated by professionals and bathed in natural golden light.

Take your next event at the highest level and impress your guests with gourmet cuisine master chefs of Regal Pacific. Our team of culinary professionals understand that a well selected menu plays an important role in any event and that it should complement it without eclipse.